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Friday, February 17, 2017

Poetry & Prose - "The Work of Your Hands I See"

In all of Your creation, it is the work of Your hands I see.
            Your fingerprints are everywhere, proclaiming Your majesty.
You hold the universe together by the power of Your spoken Word,
            And all of creation cries out in praise proclaiming Your matchless worth. 

When the morning sun rises and is ever shining bright,
            I am reminded that You alone are the light of my life.
When I gaze into the midnight sky and see the countless stars,
             Knowing You named them one by one overwhelms my heart. 

In the early spring when Your gardens burst forth with vibrant flowers,
            I see Your awesome wonders and I sense Your mighty power.
Rainbows remind me of Your everlasting covenant, Your promises forever true, 
             And what You have said in your Word, You are faithful to do.
Just like the summer rains that fall upon the desert sands, 
             Your love rains down on me and I am safe in the palm of Your hand.
 And just like the waters of the sea that needs the oceans’ shore, 
             Oh how I need your presence in my life,  I need You more.  

 Even in the midst of a raging storm and all hope seems to be gone,
            You fill my life with laughter and joy, my heart overflows with song.
In all of Your marvelous creation I see an intricate design and plan,
             I feel the power of Your love, and I see the works of Your mighty hands.

Contributed by Lesta of Heartsong Treasures
All  rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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