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Riding her high horse after inheriting the Sabblonti family fortune, Stormy Castins is determined to reinvent herself following her husband’s accident.  Blinded by jealousy, ambition, and naivety, she hires Less and Meg Alotto to oversee her vast high desert mountain domain. While Stormy is away, the cattle herd ends up in disarray. 
During the hot dry season, romance is blooming on several fronts despite a major showdown during a mid-summer celebration. The pesky Black Raven continues to wreak havoc at the most inopportune times. 
Unable to overcome the vengeance which strikes by way of a mysterious range fire combined with the dire deeds of a cagey couple, the Sabblonti Ranch is in shambles just as Stormy starts to regain her senses. Humility is the prescription needed to open her eyes in order to realize what’s really important in life. The sparks from a belated holiday rendezvous set Chet and Stormy on their path to recovery.

Get ready to learn how to hear the voice of God in your every day life! In this set of true life testimonies, you will travel with author Sheila Eismann, an encourager with a sense of humor, through several valleys en route to some mountain tops with her family as they learned to rely on God in the most harrowing of circumstances. Quite often, it would appear as though Sheila’s hopes would be dashed on the rocks of reality, but then suddenly, there would be a spectacular fulfillment of dreams, visions and prophetic words that she had been given. Implementing her signature prophetic writing style, laced with a little humor here and there, the author also includes several instructive anecdotes sharing how she learned to hear the voice of God.

Jantzi Belle, matriarch of the Sabblonti family, has worked for decades to keep her cattle empire intact. Life takes a drastic turn when she receives a late night visitor. The brief disappearance of her Last Will and Testament could complicate matters between her daughters, Stormy and Sarita. Stormy and her husband, Chet Castins, are struggling to work through the loss of their three children. Against all odds, drifter Wyn Moreland makes a bold move when he decides that Sarita is his beauty to rescue. The county veterinarian, Dr. Ben Shaw, is also vying for her affections. Will Wyn emerge as the winner? Just prior to the dawn of the New Year, revelations come forth regarding forgery, cattle rustling, and land exploitation. Will the Sabblonti Empire survive, and more importantly, who will control its reins?

If you've ever wanted to learn an easy way to raise those tomatoes, herbs and other fabulous foods, now is your chance! Author Sheila Eismann, implementing her humorous writing style, guides you through the step-by-step process of preparing a receptacle to grow your favorite foods. This is a must read, especially for those with a limited amount of square footage who desire to maintain a healthy life style.

A Woman of Substance is a practical, interactive, and entertaining 12-week Bible study designed to help equip you to fulfill your God-given destiny and impact your culture for Jesus Christ at the same time.  This book can be used as a stand alone study or devotional as well as in a group study.  It has been translated into the dialect for the women in Mumbai, India.

A light-hearted look into the very complex issue of life's relationships.  Some readers have adjusted their circles of life after reading it.

Is freedom the hallmark of your life? Are you fulfilling your God-given destiny? Each of us is involved in a battle whether we realize it or not. For some, this will be of a physical nature as well as a guaranteed spiritual one. Vietnam Veteran Dan Eismann, using combat experiences to illustrate spiritual truths, invites you to take a journey with him as he presents a rock solid strategy for not only fighting your spiritual battles but winning the all important war. In the midst thereof, the most vital aspect is that you realize you can experience freedom and become all that God has destined you to be!

The Christmas Tin is a most delightful read for the young at heart anytime during the year! This endearing book is based upon a true story featuring the older of the two authors when she was a young girl and conveys the timeless message that "love truly is the best gift of all." Children will especially enjoy all of the colorful illustrations contained within this treasure! Recipes are included in the back of the book.

Poetry Time is an inspirational collection of acrostic and traditional poems penned for your enjoyment.

A combination daily devotional and prayer journal designed for encouragement providing a dose of what is beneficial, ethical, and honorable.  Penned with humor and wisdom, the daily tidbits are paired with Bible verses that convey life-changing principles which are designed for readers of all ages transcending cultures and continents.  This book will challenge you to grow and fulfill your God-given destiny.  This book doubles nicely as a daily prayer journal.

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