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Monday, July 3, 2017

Poetry & Prose ~~ "As We Celebrate Freedom"

As we celebrate the freedoms we enjoy,
       with our fireworks lighting up the midnight skies,
Let us not forget all of the brave men and women who gallantly fight for freedom,
       many sacrificing their lives.

Let us pray each and every day for our great land,
       asking God to bless our leaders, guiding them along the way.
Praying God will be a shield for all those who protect and serve,
       with His hand of protection on them every single day.

May we speak words of kindness, of comfort and peace,
        giving thanks to God always with a humble heart.
Let us be bold as a lion to stand up for what is right,
        and be gentle as a dove, God's love to impart.

May we bring hope and healing to all mankind,
        and be a light to the nations, a city on a hill.
Let us ring the bells of liberty and freedom all over this land,
        returning to God our Father for He loves us still.

For it is in Christ alone that we are truly free,
        even when terror comes knocking at our door.
It is the Light and Fire of God that will heal us all,
        and enlighten the darkness as we proclaim Jesus is Lord.

Contributed by Lesta of Heartsong Treasures.

Happy Reading in Poetry's Presence.

Let Freedom Ring on the 4th of July!

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