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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Poetry & Prose ~~ "Beverly"

Whose name means
        dweller at the beaver meadow,
Walked into my life thirty-three years ago
        to say more than a mere hello.

Her sweet diligent spirit
        inside her five foot frame,
Keeps her working heartily
        as for the Lord without blame.

Green eyes portray kindness
        along with a gracious hospitality.
When you sit at her dining table,
        she treats you just like family.

Blessed to be a Christian from
        nine months in Lila’s womb,
Beverly remains rest assured
        during these days of doom and gloom.

She’ll be the first to encourage you
        to stay on the narrow road,
Leaning on your Lord and Savior
        will help to lighten your load.

We never encounter anyone by chance
        as God ordains every meeting.
My life has been enriched for decades
        by a blonde with a friendly greeting.

Our friendship was forged through
        laughter, prayer, and tears.
The Holy Spirit within us
        calmed all of our fears.

Thanks be unto God for His
        eternal gift of friends.
He has given us something
        that never really ends.

Happy Reading in Poetry's Presence.

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