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Friday, February 26, 2016

Poetry's Presence ~~ "Someday"


Someday I’ll find the time
            to do the things I want to do.
I’ll venture into the attic
            and find the recipe for that roux.

The ancestral trees on both sides
            continue to call my name,
Reminding me ever so gently
            that they’re nowhere near the same.

Aunt Allene’s heirloom quilt
            must be removed from its display rack,
As it beckons me to follow
            the nine patch pattern in the stack.

Audrey insists her roma tomatoes
            produce the finest salsa yet,
To which one must add cilantro,       
            and jalapenos for extra zest!

Foreign lands seem so intriguing
            and not just via the news.
The globe is meant to be traveled
            while one can still pick and choose.

So many books with so little time
            carry me to enchanting places.
Rella’s brown velour couch or chair
            vie for the comfortable spaces.

Orion and the Big Dipper glisten
            as diamonds in the night sky.
Shall I purchase a nice telescope
            to watch them by and by?

Alas, yesterday is history and
            tomorrow may not be.
If I continue to wait for someday
            my desires I will never see.

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