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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Poetry & Prose Tuesday ~~ "Love Is"


Love is like a flower
            that never fades away.
It blooms forth ever so brightly
            and does not close at the end of day.

Love is like a fragrant aroma
            that lingers in the air.
Its scent grows even stronger
            when matched up with a pair.

Love is like a delicious dessert
            piled high with whipping cream.
It covers over a multitude of sins
            and helps you live your dream.

Love is that touch of a tender hand
            that signals you are special.
It’s quite often extended
            just when your need is crucial.

Love is the song that plays
            upon the tender strings of your heart.
Its melody is the shield
            that will protect you from the fiery dart.

So reach out and
            And listen to love today!

You will be glad you did
            and it will keep you from fading away.

Watercolor Flower Art Card

Blank greeting cards are a great way to express your Valentine’s thoughts ~~

Poetry for the soul ~~ Happy Reading!

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