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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poetry & Prose ~~ "Forever Friends"

Throughout your life
            people will come and go,
Some will be real
            while others are just show.

Be careful in whose heart
            you deposit your dreams,
For in a mere moment
            they can be made into schemes.

There will be times
             to keep things close to your vest,
Lest your supposed friends
            take from you your best.

Learn to get wisdom
            and to walk with the wise,
Chances are then
            that you’ll not be led to your demise.

Suddenly if you are blessed
            with an abundance of wealth,
Learn how to operate
            in a mode of stealth.

Fame, fortune or affluence
            seem to attract like files,
Those whose real motives
            are cheating and lies.

A lot of humanity
            is not bent on evil or sin,
They’re trying to make this world
            a better place if they can.

If you’ve been blessed
            with forever friends,
You have been given something
            that never ends.

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