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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Poetry & Prose ~~ "Take Time"

Take time during each day
            to pause and reflect,
Give thanks for your blessings
            even if they aren’t perfect.

Take time to tell those you love
            how much they mean to you.
There may come a day
            when they are no longer in view.

Take time to pen a letter or note
            just to say thanks or a mere hello.
You just might be the bright spot
            that helps a life to glow.

Take time to perform
            a good deed or two,
Lessen someone else’s burden
            so they won’t have to cry boo-hoo.

Take time to watch a sunset
            with its tapestry a flame,
Let it warm your heart and spirit
            and readjust your game.

Take time to plan your work
            and to work your plan,
This will save you hours and weeks
            down the road a span.

Take time to honor those in your life
            even if they don’t deserve it now.
You will have shown them a better way
            and then you can take a bow.

Take time for yourself above all else
            to nurture your life and spirit.
For if you will do this
            then you will greatly benefit.

 Happy Reading in Poetry's Presence.

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