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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meet my Guest Blogger ~ Kimbre Christopher ~ " A Good Mom"

I would like to introduce my guest blogger for today, Kimbre Christopher, who is 27 years old and the mother of three boys.  She is expecting her fourth in May.  Kimbre and her husband, Michael, spend a lot of time not only raising their children in Christ, but helping to raise other children to know Him through their church's Awana Club program.  Kimbre is starting a new chapter in her life as a "stay-at-home" mom.  She is eager to share what she has been learning in this new part of her life.

                                                      "A Good Mom"

With all the controversy today over breast-feeding versus bottle feeding, co-sleeping versus independent sleep, and wraps versus carriers versus no carry at all, what makes a good mom? I would like to throw my two cents into some of these arguments, and possibly weigh in on others.

In my non-expert opinion, a mom that feeds her child is doing well, regardless of whether that mom is nursing, pumping and bottle feeding, buying breast milk and bottle feeding, or formula feeding (with or without state or WIC assistance to purchase the formula). She is still being a good mom because she cares enough to feed her child. As kids get older and breast milk versus formula is no longer an issue, we run into the argument of sugary foods, fatty foods, processed foods, and so many more. My opinion stays the same — as long as you are a mom trying to feed your kids the best that you can, then you are doing a good job.

When I was younger, my mom made probably the hardest decision of her life. She did not give us up for adoption, but she did sign over guardianship to our grandparents because we were probably safer with them. Did this make her a bad mom? No. This showed a mother’s love for her children was greater than the expectations the world had for her. She placed us in a safe and loving environment until she could also be in that place herself. She did a good job as a mom. I believe that women who place their children for adoption are doing just as good of a job as the foster moms and adoptive moms. All are just trying to love that child the best way they know how at that particular time.

Now as far as the other controversies that our society has conjured up, I could comment on them, but it would be redundant. If you are a mom, doing the best you can to raise your child or children, then you are a good mom. It doesn’t matter if your kids wear designer clothes or second-hand store specials, you are clothing them. Whether you co-parent, have been divorced and/or remarried and have to share custody, you are still doing a commendable job. If your kids are homeschooled, privately schooled or in public school, you are still giving your kids an education, and you are doing what you need to do as a parent.

As far as I am concerned, if you are trying your best, you are a good mom.

-Kimbre Christopher

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