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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Poetry & Prose ~ "Recipe for Daily Living"

                                                   "RECIPE FOR DAILY LIVING"

Mix together:

10 cups of good thoughts
10 cups of good deeds
10 cups of consideration for others                
20 cups of sacrifice for others
20 cups of well beaten character flaws
30 cups of forgiveness

This is to be mixed thoroughly with tears of sympathy.  Flavor the mixture well with gifts of love, mercy, and grace.  Top with prayer and faith to lighten the ingredients and to raise the texture to great heights in daily living.  Bake well in the heat of human kindness and serve with a smile. 

Serving size is 100 cups per person per serving to be used when needed, contains all the nutrients for a healthy life, and is calorie free.


Rejoice forevermore
Pray without ceasing
In everything give thanks
Doing good to all
Speaking evil of no one
Hearing all sides before deciding
Thinking before speaking
Withholding an angry tongue
Asking forgiveness for all wrongs
Forgiving others
Being patient towards all
Disbelieving evil reports
Praying for those who despitefully use you


Love and forgiveness is Christianity in action.
God loves to work when nothing and no one else will.
The law says “I have to” 
Love says “I want to” 
Grace says “I can and I will”

Happy Reading & Daily Living!

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