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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Psychology of 10K

Have you ever seen one of those ads featuring a product that can change the oil in your car while baking a loaf of bread simultaneously allowing you to automatically check two items off your to do list on a Saturday morning?  While this may be quite an embellishment in real life, how many times have you watched an infomercial and been left with no clue as to the product being advertised, much less what you might do with it or when you could possibly put it to use?

Let’s rewind the tape to early 2007 when a circuit board in a wooden box helped to launch what grew to be a $4 billion company.  Like any other finished product on the market, it may not work for everyone, but fortunately, I have found it to be a tremendous help to me.

Christmas Day 2015 I received a gift card, so I decided to purchase my own step recording device. Prior to this, I had never really paid much attention to how many steps I would have walked on any given day.

The benefits of walking only thirty minutes per day have been touted by medical care providers, health care institutions, insurance companies, sports enthusiasts, athletes, nutritionists, and the list goes on by the hour.

I would like to list just a few of the advantages of planning to hit the dusty trail, sidewalk, asphalt, dirt road, green belt, or path of your choice:

  • Weight loss
  • Increases bone density which is a challenge for aging women
  • Lowers risk of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure
  • Absorbing your 15 minutes of outdoor Vitamin D
  • Releases your body’s endorphins so you can be a Happy Camper
  • Improves your coordination and balance
  • Boosts circulation and oxygen supply
  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Helps to prevent dementia
  • If you are unable to afford a gym membership or have health issues such as a suppressed immune system which prevent you from attending the health club, walking is free!
  • You can enjoy the scenery and critters along the way

Having owned my new wrist apparel now for just a short three months, a major surprise has been the psychological aspect of it.  One definition of psychology is the mental and emotional factors of governing a situation or activity.  I am much more cognizant of my daily steps with an increased effort toward trying to achieve at least the number featured in the above photo.

I received a telephone call from one of my relatives a few weeks ago.  About five minutes into the conversation, it sounded like he had entered a tunnel.  When inquiring as to his whereabouts and what he was doing, he responded, “I am walking inside a large store. I need to get my 10K steps in today!”  Alas, he’s dialed into the psychological factor as well.

What was the most challenging aspect of this whole exercise?  It’s probably not what you thought it might be. Stopping in the middle of our living room when the device registered 10K to capture the picture was more difficult than one might imagine!

Happy Reading & Walk On!

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