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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poetry & Prose - "Payroll"

The last time I checked
            I made a great discovery.
If you give it some thought
            it may not be such a mystery.

Alas, the outcome was
            such a pleasant surprise,
I’ve been telling my friends
            just to get a rise.

My current non-existent, 
            non-benefit payroll
            consists of the following
            alphabetized lineup:

            Anna the Administrator
            Audrey the Author
            Beatrice the Baker
            Bobbie the Bookkeeper
            Constance the Cook
            Hannah the Housekeeper
            Inez the Ironess
            Linda the Laundress  
               Quaylene the QuickBooker
            Suzannah the Secretary
            Tonya the Taxi Driver
            Yvette theYard Worker

Each of the aforementioned
            is so efficient and kind,
If they stay on schedule
            I’m never left in a bind.

Live your life on the lighter side
            and write out your list today.
You’ll make some great progress
            even if it’s without pay!     

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