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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Real Women - Real Answers ~~ Be A Memory Builder

Something a bit ironic happened to me this morning.   I was thinking of a topic that I could write for this blog post.  As I was getting a grandbaby ready for church, I thought of the other children in my life. Most of my own children are grown, with only two teenagers left at home.   However, I have had lots of interaction with the kids of our church.   We have had various youth groups through the ten years that we have been here including Vacation Bible Schools, Awana, and Sunday Schools. 

I realized the importance of this interaction one night at our Awana youth club when one of the 4 year olds in the class was examining a picture on the wall.   Softly, she asked me, “Who is that man on the cross?” I told her it was a picture of Jesus. She had such a somber look on her face.   “Why is he bleeding?”   We put aside any plans I had for that night’s class as I gathered the children around this picture that I was now holding in my lap, and we talked about the “man on the cross”.  I had always taught older children in a church setting. I realized now that I was with the younger children I was introducing Christ to some of them for the very first time!

The kids at the church run to me, hug me, and tell me about their weeks. “Miss Jo! I lost a tooth this week!”  “Miss Jo, I have been good for Mommy this week!” The kids in my Kindergarten to sixth grade class  visit with me about their personal interests which allow us to relate that to the gifts God has knit into them and how they can use it for His glory. I love observing as they discover the things they are good at and wonder how those passions will fit into their future.  

Let’s not forget the teenagers. Many of them are in our Civil War re-enacting group.  We can get into some deep conversations ranging from  the Word of God to real-life struggles.  We spend so much time with these kids, introducing them to their Creator, teaching them how to pray, and how to trust God.

Last week, I drove to the airport with one of the young moms in our congregation. Her five year old is in one of my classes.   He said, “Miss Jo, are we going to your house now because I sure would like to spend some time at your house?” His mom told him that we had better wait for the next week when his brother was out of school because it would not go over well if one got to come but not the other.   So I was able to share my day with these special kids in my life. 

I wonder sometimes if we are really making a difference.   I mentioned that something ironic happened this morning.   It wasn’t so much ironic as it was a confirmation. I heard a knock on my door. This is highly unusual at our country home and on a Sunday morning. I opened the door and I heard, “Are you not having services on Easter Sunday morning?” It was a boy (now almost a man) who was in one of our first youth groups when we came to the church. I am still in contact with his mom, but had not seen him for six or seven years! We visited for a few minutes while catching up on the happenings in our lives and walked down to church together.  After the service, this young man came up to me, hugged me, and said, “Thank you, Mama Jo. It was good to see you again.” My heart melted.

It made me realize that we have been handed such an awesome opportunity to impact the children around us. We are in a position that we can minister to these kids on a personal and spiritual level.  We are building memories for them that they will never forget.

Be a memory builder!

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Happy Memory Building & Reading!

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