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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Poetry & Prose ~~ "His Paintbrush"

                                The serene evening sky
                                     flashed its pinks and blues,
                                 What a treat for my eyes
                                     as I fixated on the hues.

                                 The rose colored blend
                                      appeared to the left
                                  While the bluish-purple one
                                      veered to the right.
                                  I wondered if the neighbors
                                      had witnessed this glorious sight.

                                  The clouds appeared so 
                                       low on the horizon,
                                   I had to look carefully.
                                   It seemed as if they touched 
                                        the ground,
                                   But I knew that couldn't be.

                                   A perfect picture was framed
                                       with the clouds as a background,
                                   Dotted lush green landscapes
                                       and tall trees did abound.

                                   God must have used His paintbrush
                                       to decorate the big sky.
                                   I'm just thankful I saw it
                                       as I was leisurely driving by.

Photo credits ~~ Sharon Breshears Photography, Gooding, Idaho.  For a real treat, take a gander at Sharon's photo gallery on her Facebook page.  Here is the link:

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