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Monday, August 1, 2016

Poetry & Prose ~~ "Choices"


In the beginning when God breathed His life into man,
He had a specific purpose and eternal plan.
He gave us a free will choosing how to live our lives,
Giving us the choice to believe in Him and do what is right.

 Knowing that many opportunities will come my way,
I will try to make the right choices every day.
Learning to listen to the Spirit’s still small voice,
He will guide and direct me to make the right choice.

 Choosing life over death, love instead of hate,
Mending relationships before it’s too late.
Living a selfless life by taking up my cross,
Serving those in need not counting the cost.

Showing those around me that I care.
Spreading joy and gladness instead of despair.
Speaking life giving words of encouragement,
Bringing hope in times of discouragement.

Telling others about God’s love and gentleness,
Extending mercy through thoughtful acts of kindness.
Seeing the best in others, not looking for the worst,
Praying for blessings instead of speaking a curse.

Trusting in His Spirit, resting in His mercy and grace,
I want to make the world around me a better place.
Although I may stumble and fall, which no doubt I will,
I will always run to Jesus knowing He loves me still.

  Contributed by Lesta of Heartsong Treasures

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